Saturday, April 28, 2018

DeiCont | Philips Collective - DeiCont | Philips Collective (FLEA BOY Records 2018)

Mike DeiCont and Allison Philips share the captain’s seat as they navigate their band of jazz renegades through their expansive repertoire of original compositions and arrangements of traditional tunes. Their double drum team of Alex Kirkpatrick and Connor Parks create a malleable foundation that is truly unpredictable - and with noise-maker Louis Cohen on guitar and pedal steel, the ensemble is comfortable whispering lullabies or pushing the limits of the human experience. Based between Brooklyn and Amsterdam, this Flea Boy Records collective carves out their own sonic space in the world of original and improvised music. Their debut recording, featuring original music from both DeiCont and Philips, will be released in April 2018. 

Allison, a founding member of the Flea Boy Records team, grew up in New Jersey and quickly became a prominent voice of the New York City jazz and improvised music community. After graduating from The New School, Allison moved to Amsterdam, where she attended grad school. Very quickly upon arrival she become an in demand performer, community builder, curator, and found herself at the helm of the Flea Boy Records team.  Since her move to Amsterdam, Allison regularly returns to New York to perform with her own trio, DeiCont Philips Collective, and Sara McDonald’s New York Chillharmonic. Allison was a featured performer on Dave Douglas’ 2017 Festival of New Trumpet Music. 

Three of five members, Mike DeiCont, Louis Cohen, and Alex Kirkpatrick perform regularly with their trio Desert Foxx, another Flea Boy Records project. Their debut record “Kill Together”, mastered by the mighty David Torn, features original music from DeiCont - short, dark, and simple launch pads for the trio’s perfectly placed, brief improvisations will bring a tear to your eye, or even ruin your day. Their dark, brooding sound is toned down, or at least nudged off axis with the often charming and playful musicality of Allison Philips and Connor Parks (drums).

1. September No. 1 08:44
2. CPFGHTR 05:01
3. Louder Together 05:31
4. Spinning Box 03:25
5. Sad To Be Meeting You 06:30

Allison Philips: trumpet (
Mike DeiCont: bass (
Louis Cohen: guitar
Alex Kirkpatrick: drums
Connor Parks: drums

Recorded and Mixed by Yi-wen Lai-Tremewan
Mastered by Fedge
Produced by Yi-wen Lai-Tremewan and Louis Cohen
Cover Art: Katie Gross

Tracks 1, 4 by Philips
Tracks 2, 3, 5 by DeiCont