Thursday, February 1, 2018

Toc - Will Never Play These Songs Again (2018)

No, Toc will never play those songs again. They can't do otherwise, can't help to start over every time without being sure not to grind some new manias escaped from his last tours.

Not having gave up belonging to the big family of the music industry, the three musicians continually reinvent their hypnotic free-pop, raising their intoxicating and solar rhythms with a hint of throbbing kraut jazz-core, producing hits without a future, heady and highly addictive ...

As their name seems to indicate, Toc members are quite obsessive and even compulsive. Their frenetic, ritualized but non-contagious behaviors bring the listener in a hectic space-time before bringing him back to the mainland in a more or less troubled state.

Sixth album of the trio, after incursions in the northern acoustic (Qeqertarsuatsiaat - 2015) and in the wet bayou (Air Bump - 2016), rich of his many concerts, experiments and meetings, Toc returns to its electrical and urban channel with fervor.

Unclassifiable and communicative, Toc persists to disturb the spirits since 2008.

1. The Last Hit 16:39
2. Ultimate Earworm 17:51
3. Lichen (bonus) 05:45

Jeremie Ternoy (fender rhodes, piano bass, piano)
Ivann Cruz (guitar)
Peter Orins (drums)