Saturday, January 6, 2018

Robert Hurst - Black Current Jam (DOT TIME RECORDS February 23, 2018)

Black Current Jam just may be Hurst’s most ambitious recording project to date. His musicianship ignites a plethora of bass and rhythmic offerings, all situated by his international profile of eclectic bassist, composer, arranger, band leader and swing street strategist. Hurst elegantly lays out music architecture continually shifting beats that are endlessly stirring, never predictable. This recording is a hot savory mélange of rhythm. Watch yourself: you could be transfixed and entranced for life enjoying it.

1. Detroit Day
2. Afromation
3. Two Beats and a Breath
4. Bela
5. Coneys and Vernors
6. Keepin’ it Rio
7. This is Your Brain on Drums
8. Morse Code and the Time
9. At First Sight
10. Happy Nappy

Nate Winn, drums
Ian Finkelstein, piano
Rafael Statin, sax
Pepe Espinosa, percussion
Brendan Asante, vocals
Julian Hurst, vocals