Thursday, January 18, 2018

Florian Egli Weird Beard - Orientation (INTAKT RECORDS January 19, 2018)

The quartet Weird Beard was founded by Zurich based saxophonist Florian Egli. Following the debut album 'Everything Moves' on Intakt Records, they release a second studio album, recorded again in the Blackbox Studio in Brittany by the out­standing sound engineer David Odlum. 'Orientation' is a sophisticated record on which Weird Beard increasingly focus their attention on the creation of moods and atmospheres.

Christoph Wagner writes in the liner notes: "Weird Beard forge creative sparks out of opposites. The band use contrast as a means to create dramaturgy, veering back and forth from soft to loud, from fast to slow, and from forceful to lyrical. Sometimes the music acquires a lightness and transparency, but then becomes progressively more dense. In other places it can morph into a dreamy wallowing elegy, before opening outinto a tub-thumping inferno. Perhaps “post-jazz” is the word which comes first to mind to describe it."

1 Hanako 4:24
2 Empty Shell 7:18
3 Orientation 6:31
4 Winter 5:35
5 The Big Wasy 4:56
6 The Cat 5:29
7 No More Rain 4:27
8 Playground 4:18

Soundsamples of this CD
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All compositions by Florian Egli, except “Playground” by Dave Gisler (SUISA). 
Recorded in January 2017 at Studio Black Box, Noyantla-Gravoyère, France, by David Odlum. 
Mixed and mastered by David Odlum. 
Cover art: Jörger-Stauss & Annatina Nay. Graphic design: Jonas Schoder. Photo: Angelika Annen.
Liner notes: Christoph Wagner. Executive producer: Anja Illmaier. 
Produced by Florian Egli and Intakt Records, Patrik Landolt. Published by Intakt Records.

Intakt CD 291 / 2018