Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Edgar Steinitz - Yiddish Blues (OA2 RECORDS 2018)

With an artistic hand lent by legendary bassist David Friesen, clarinetist Edgar Steinitz presents a soulful debut recording. Honoring his heritage, Steinitz taps into a deep spirituality inspired by the joyous melodies of traditional Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish musics, offering originals and improvisations in their spirit. Besides Friesen on bass, Roots Unknown features an ensemble of accordian, violin, and percussion along with master improvisor, trumpeter and saxophonist Jay Thomas. Combining the refined musical tastes of the Northern European Ashkenazi, and the strong Afro-Latin influences from the Northern African and South American Sephardic communities, Steinitz discovers a rich and significant musical landscape to explore.

1 To Life (L'Chayim) 4:10 (Jerry Bock, arr. Edgar Steinitz)
2 Jewish Jazz Jam (JJJ) Suite 13:03
one - Peace and Wholeness (Oseh Shalom) 3:35
(Debbie Friedman, arr. Edgar Steinitz)
two - Healing Mind, Body and Spirit (Mi Shebeirach) 3:13
(Debbie Friedman, arr. Edgar Steinitz)
three - Hope (Hatikvah) 3:75 (arr. Edgar Steinitz)
four - Rejoice (Nagila) 2:79 (arr. Edgar Steinitz)
3 Liberation (Ma Lecha Hayam) 6:47 (arr. Edgar Steinitz)
4 Segue 1 0:29 (David Friesen & Jay Thomas)
5 Yiddish Blues 4:09 (arr. Edgar Steinitz)
6 Perseverance 3:03 (David Friesen)
7 Sephardic Blues & Into The Shadow of Lodz 4:50 (Edgar Steinitz / Jerry Simon)
8 Segue 2 0:35 (David Friesen & Jay Thomas)
9 Grant Peace (Sim Shalom) 7:12 (arr. Edgar Steinitz)
10 May Love Find Its Way To You 1:26 (Edgar Steinitz)

Edgar Steinitz - Clarinets & Soprano Sax
Bonnie Birch - Accordion
Jeff Busch - Percussion
Julian Smedley - Violin & Viola
Wayne Porter - Drums

Special Guest Artists
David Friesen - Hemage Bass
Jay Thomas - Flugelhorn, Flute, Tenor Sax, Trumpet