Saturday, December 16, 2017

Marek Napiórkowski - WAW-NYC (2017)

WAW-NYC project is a unique fusion of various personalities, which links two distant cities with the power of music of their jazz representatives. Compositions are created specially on this occasion and give experienced improvisers an opportunity to interact while playing music together, where European harmonic concept mixes with the culture of rhythm from the birthplace of jazz and Cuban zeal. WAW-NYC is a premiere project of Marek Napiórkowski, in which, through music, dynamically developing Warsaw encounters New York - vibrant capital of jazz and modern art.

1 Cloud Illusions
2 The Way
3 Petriolo
4 Quantum Walk
5 Therese Dreaming
6 Joyful Souls
7 Letting Go

Marek Napiórkowski, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar 
Robert Kubiszyn, Bass Guitar, Bass
Clarence Penn, Drums
Manuel Valera, Piano (3)
Chris Potter, Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet (2)