Thursday, December 21, 2017


To celebrate AusMusic Month, ABC Jazz presents a collection of the finest jazz performances of the past 18 months, as recorded by the ABC in live performances and in the studio.

The recordings span the length and breadth of the country, and showcase a who’s who of the Australian jazz scene at the moment, from established names like vocalist Trish Delaney-Brown, bassist Sam Anning and pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, to rising stars Joe O’Connor, Matthew Nicholls and Olivia Chindamo.

ABC Jazz has long supported the development of new talent, and this album showcases some of the recordings made as celebrations of significant award wins. The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra perform Kelly Ottaway’s Donald English, the winning piece from the 2016 National Big Band Composition Competition; Matthew Nicholls celebrates his James Morrison Scholarship with two studio tracks; Emma Stephenson records hot on the heels of her Jann Rutherford Memorial Award; and Sam Anning can be heard celebrating his National Jazz Awards win.

01. Able Able (Matthew Nicholls Septet)
02. Birds (Trish Delaney-Brown Quintet)
03. Fusion, No Confusion (Sorcha Albuquerque Trio)
04. All Of Me (Olivia Chindamo, Sam Anning)
05. Boubacar (James McLean)
06. Nigeria (Australian National Jazz Orchestra, Mat Jodrell, Roger Manins)
07. And Away (Steven Magnussen, Frank DiSario)
08. Love Is Patient (Gian Slater and Hieronymus Trio)
09. Mr Knight (Mike Rivett)
10. Time To Be Still (Spirograph Studies)
11. Hitchcock (Movement 9)
12. Elena (Mark Fitzgibbon Trio)
13. OK Compupid (Shannon Barnett Quartet)
14. Donald English (Kelly Ottaway, Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra)
15. Sarabande (Joe O'Connor Trio, Scott Tinkler)
16. Sunflowers (Sam Anning Sextet)
17. Ruby (Trish Delaney-Brown Quintet)
18. Wall Of Jericho (Matthew Nicholls Septet)