Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yoram Rosilio & the Anti RuBber brAiN fAct0rY - Anti RuBber brAiN fAct0rY & Mar0kAït (LFDS RECORDS 2017)

Throughout the centuries each region, each town and sometimes even each village in Morocco have developed their own particular individual musical identities. Inspired by everyday life they give expression to major events of society recording and marking the identity of tribes and regions. They constitute an absolute traditional treasure, telling the tales of the different customs of people but also giving voice to their rebellious spirits and their magical and mystical visions of the world.

Our inspiration comes from this wide multicolored repertoire and we have endeavored to respect, to the best of our ability, the shapes, structures, rhythms and intentions that we can feel in this music and to reproduce them with what makes us musical beings.

1. 3abidat 'Rma 13:07
2. Leïlaa Lill 11:35

Yoram Rosilio : Bass, flute, percussions, Direction
Nicolas Souchal : Trumpet, flute, percussions
Jérôme Fouquet : Trumpet, flute, percussions
Jean-Brice Godet : Clarinets, flute, percussions
Jean-Michel Couchet : Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, flute, percussions
Florent Dupuit : Tenor Sax, Bass Flute, Flute, Piccolo, percussions
Benoit Guenoun : Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, flute, percussions
Paul Wacrenier : Piano, Vibes, Balafon, Flûte, percussions
Rafael Koerner : drums
Eric Dambrin : Drums, percussions
François Mellan : Soubasophone, flute, percussions (on 03 and 06)