Monday, July 10, 2017

Sestetto Internazionale - Aural Vertigo (AMIRANI RECORDS 2017)

SESTETTO INTERNAZIONALE features some of the most original and sincere voices in contemporary improvised music scene.

The 2015 tremendous Finland tour Harri Sjöström set up made this band play in several venues and theatres.

The recordings of the two concerts at Kanneltalo theatre in Helsinki and at Sibelius Museum in Turku are on this album.


instrumental voices (a really unusual line-up!!!) looks as designed to generate an original creative process that involves the listener to observe the multiple, sometime mirroring, interplay, the collective timbral palette, the different and simultaneous sound consistencies and the single, respective paths.

Reciprocal listening, intelligible architecture, lyrical streams and seamless orchestration: the music, simply beautiful.

At times it looks detailed as an astral map crossed with a high degree of liberty showing distant connections, lyrical lines, dramatic changes, different depths.

At times it is intimate and chamber scented. Suddenly, angular collective pulses gently merge to splendid dialogues in a natural transparency, sound vertigos land on flowing microtonal backgrounds.


Harri Sjöström: soprano and sopranino saxophones
Gianni Mimmo: soprano saxophone
Alison Blunt: violin
Achim Kaufmann: piano
Veli Kujala: quarter tone accordion
Ignaz Schick: turntables