Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rotem Sivan Trio - Antidote (AIMA RECORDS 2017)

Antonio Sanchez 
Rotem Sivan has carved a place for himself in the New York jazz scene through his daring improvisation, astute band leading and technical ability but above all his lyricism and musicality.

“Antidote” is a smartly crafted combination of all these qualities in a beautiful package. The album never gets boring as the trio keeps moving throughout a wide variety of moods and soundscapes with musicality always being the prevalent force. Rotem has been one of the guitar players to watch for sometime now. This album establishes him as a force on the scene.

Peter Bernstein 
"Rotem Sivan is one of the most creative and adventurous guitarists on the scene today. He has a great imagination and the technical abilities to communicate what is inside that imagination. More importantly, he has the courage and confidence to follow his musical ideas and impulses through to create something that is all his own."

Pat Martino  
"When a statement is achieved with such precision, what's captured attains an importance that shall last. Antidote is a special recording, and it shall fulfill many guitar aficionados without question".

Ari Hoeing
"Rotem has remarkable facility and the trio creates a beautiful vibe with some unexpected turns on Antidote."

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01. Shahar 3:14
02. Antidote 2:52
03. Over the Rainbow (feat. Gracie Terzian) 3:18
04. Reconstruction 3:26
05. Aloof 2:39
06. Sun Song 4:47
07. Rustic Heart 2:54
08. Make You Feel My Love 4:41
09. Knives 1:55
10. For Emotional Use Only 6:53
11. Outro / Brochim Ha Nimtzaim 1:14

Haggai Cohen Milo - Bass
Colin Stranahan - Drums