Monday, July 17, 2017

Ron Francis Blake, Poncho Sanchez, Seamus Blake, Walt Weiskopf and more (KARI-ON PRODUCTIONS)


A Name You Already Know, Now Releases His Debut Offering, A Regular Member of Poncho Sanchez' Esnemble, Trumpeter Ron Francis Blake


Special Guests
Poncho Sanchez - congas and quijada on tracks #2, #5 Seamus Blake - tenor sax on tracks #1, #5 Walt Weiskopf - tenor sax on track #7 Andy Abad - guitars on track #6 Adonis Puentes - lead vocal on track #1

Ron Francis Blake - trumpet & flugelhorn Rob Hardt - tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet Francisco Torres - trombone Andy Langham - piano Rene Camacho - bass Nick Mancini - vibraphone Jimmy Branly - drums Joey De Leon - timbales, percussion Steve Giraldo - vocals Joe Rotondi - piano on track #1 Dante Pascuzzo - bass on tracks #3, #6

Brass Ensemble on tracks #2, #5, #7
Wayne Bergeron - flugelhorn Javier Gonzales - flugelhorn Lisa McCormick - French horn Tawnee Lillo - French horn Andy Martin - trombone Francisco Torres - bass trombone

Ron’s debut album Assimilation is dedicated to his late father, Frank M. Blake, who continues to be a guiding light in Ron’s musical journey.