Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bob Lark & Phil Woods Quintet - Thick As Thieves (JAZZED MEDIA 2017)

Thick as Thieves is the third, and final, recording by The Bob Lark/Phil Woods Quintet, and features some of Phil Woods' finest and most dynamic alto saxophone solo improvisations from his storied and distinguished career. Captured "live" in 2009 at Chicago's legendary Jazz Showcase, the rhythm section of Jim McNeely, Steve Gilmore and Bill Goodwin combine forces with Bob Lark and Phil Woods to produce music with an electric swagger, interplay, nuance and soul.

The final recording - and arguably the best - by The Bob Lark/Phil Woods Quintet, with Woods' solos demonstrating an intensity and mastery associated with his very finest performances.

The spirit and "live" energy of the recording at Chicago's Jazz Showcase is palpable, with each member of the band demonstrating dynamic soloing and mature ensemble interaction.

Five selections feature the Quintet - Yardbird Suite, I Love You, First Steps, All the Things You Are and Billie's Bounce, while Winter's Touch and Rhythm-A-Ning feature the Quartet of Lark, McNeely, Gilmore and Goodwin.

Yardbird Suite
I Love You
First Steps
All the Things You Are
Winter’s Touch
Billie’s Bounce

Bob Lark: flugelhorn
Phil Woods: alto saxophone
Jim McNeely: piano
Steve Gilmore: bass
Bill Goodwin: drums