Friday, June 2, 2017

Ricardo Izquierdo / Mauro Gargano / Fabrice Moreau - Ants (2017)

The band and its music come together in the love, respect, and open mindedness they have for all kinds of music from all over the globe and from all epochs. There are no borders which dictate their sound except their own desires and taste. Each musician brings his own cultural roots to the music they play whether it be a personal composition, song from the American song book, or an Cuban or Italian folk melody. 

What they play is defined and flavored with the distinction imparted by each of their countries’ heritage, but what is played is contemporary and relevant because the music is within the currents of these times we now live in.

Cuban saxophonist Ricardo Izquierdo, Italian bass player Mauro Gargano, and French drums player Fabrice Moreau, play with different rhythmic grooves with complicity and confidence.

01. Coaltar 07:43
02. Meliès 05:37
03. Esperanza Introduction 01:06
04. Esperanza 07:32
05. Valentia 04:59
06. Ninna Nanna per Paolo 06:05
07. Pensierosa Introduction 01:33
08. Pensierosa 06:05
09. Invention pour Piano - Opus 87 N°10 03:55
10. Carbono 05:02
11. Salida 05:01