Sunday, June 11, 2017

Daniel Dickinson - A Gathering Foretold (2017)

Daniel has received numerous honors from organizations at the local, state, and national level, including the 2011 outstanding soloist award from Downbeat magazine, the Jeep McCoy scholarship from the North East Florida Jazz Association, and has written multiple pieces including some premiered at various consortiums such as the JEN convention and the Next Generation 
jazz festival in Monterey, California. 

Daniel Dickinson – alto sax/Leader; Christian Sands – piano (track #9); Joshua Bowlus – piano; Michael Dease – trombone; Ulysses Owens, Jr. – drums/Producer; Barry Greene – guitar; Reuben Rogers – acoustic bass; Mercedes Beckman – bari sax; 
Alphonso Horne – trumpet; Juan Rollan – tenor sax

1. Cry of the Wolf, Michael Dease (5:58)
2. Dandelion Wine, Daniel Dickinson (7:25)
3. Ex Nihilo, Daniel Dickinson (5:40)
4. Exodus, Daniel Dickinson (5:27)
5. Noumenal World, Daniel Dickinson (5:24)
6. Redemption, Daniel Dickinson (5:34)
7. Number of Completion, Daniel Dickinson (7:33)
8. A Gathering Foretold, Daniel Dickinson (6:37)
9. Voyage to Somewhere, Christian Sands (6:53)
10. Yes or No, Wayne Shorter (5:27)
11. Darn That Dream, Jimmy Van Heusen (5:38)