Thursday, June 15, 2017

CD 1 Binker and Moses - Journey to the Mountain of Forever (GEARBOX RECORDS 2017)

It may have a portentous title (a genuflection to the spiritual and very influential 1960s jazz of John Coltrane), but the second album by the prize-winning young London sax-and-drums pairing of Binker Golding and Moses Boyd is the diametric opposite of earnest: it’s the seductive sound of spirited improvisers letting off steam. Binker and Moses emerged from vocalist Zara McFarlane’s backing band, and this double-vinyl set continues their duologue – soulful tenor sax sermons plus earthily funky drumming, fusing jazz, hip-hop and grime. It adds an expanded lineup on the second disc, including free-sax pioneer Evan Parker, trumpeter Byron Wallen and harpist Tori Handsley.

The duo’s tracks winningly mix dark, classic Coltrane raptures, infectious hook-rooted rockers and Sonny Rollins-like calypsos (Fete By the River). The larger group sets up thrilling rhythm textures merged from Parker’s seamless soprano lines and a chatter of snare drums and tablas; there are atmospheric guitar-like harp figures, and dramatically spontaneous two-tenor tussles for Golding and Parker. The no-frills, no-edits production only adds to the incandescent immediacy.

Disc One: The Realm of Now

1. The Departure
2. Intoxication From The Jahvmonishi Leaves
3. Fete By The River
4. Trees On Fire
5. The Shaman’s Chant
6. Leave The Now Behind