Saturday, May 27, 2017

Paul Brody's Sadawi - Vanishing Night (YELLOWBIRD RECORDS 2017)

For both klezmer and jazz fans Paul Brody's Sadiwi is one of the most exciting new groups in today's music scene. A healthy mix of traditional klezmer and fantasyful improvisations by some of the best klezmer-jazz muscians out of New York and Berlin.

The sound of the group is unmistakably unique: a bass clarinet jamming with a banjo on a blues hora, a growling Ellingtonish trumpet battling through tribal bulgar beats, a hasidic folk song woven around impressionistic trance beats and prayer loops squeezed though the the sondboard of a guitar. Paul Brody's Sadiwi is full of suprises for both traditionalist and modernists.

The musicians in Sadiwi have played for years in other klezmer cross-over bands and have a solid foundation in both modern jazz and in traditional klezmer. This type of player is unique in this gerneration of musicians. They have experience in such jazz and jewish music groups as Steve Bernstien's Sex Mob, The Klezmer Concervatory Band, Aufwind, The Marty Erlich Group, Ahava Rava, Kenny Wheeler, Billy Bang , The Anthony Braxton Band, Nafturle's Dream, Shirim.
"Paul Brody is a remarkable trumpet player, composer, arranger based in Berlin. ...he brought together some of the best players from both the U.S. and Germany to create a new Jewish supergroup. The music combines exciting arrangements, catchy tunes, and compelling solos into another classic of the new Jewish Renaisance....Brody is forging a new Jewish jazz for the 21st Century..."

John Zorn

01. Gathering Light 04:33
02. Mighty Max 05:22
03. Two Self Portraits 06:20
04. Thankfulness 02:04
05. Grimace 06:48
06. Night Bloom 03:08
07. Lacrimosa 06:13
08. One Charming Night 05:04
09. Die Nacht 02:14
10. Prelude XII 02:59
11. Vanishing Night 03:28