Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lo Greco Bros - Different Standards (IRMA RECORDS 2017)

The album cover illustrates this concept graphically: a set of songs performed by different singers and played by different musicians as the many colours found in music. The featured guests are: Alice Ricciardi, one of the best Italian jazz vocalists who lives between Rome and New York and has had many releases for prestigious labels such as Blue Note and Inner Circle; Alan Farrington, English singer and guitar player with strong blues roots; Julia St Louis, a singer of English origins that for many years has been performing on the most important Stages in Europe and last but not least, the unforgettable Doctor Felix, who unfortunately has passed away a short while ago, he was one of the most beloved music personalities in Italy, famous for his performances on radio and television and for Its countless features in many Records.

1 Darling 00:04:37
2 It's Wonderful 00:04:03
3 Friendly Pressure 00:04:39
4 Day by Day 00:05:36
5 Jazz Fever 00:06:01
6 You and Us 00:05:22 
7 Invitation 00:06:33
8 Just in Time 00:04:26 
9 Dog Step 00:03:30