Monday, May 15, 2017

Ferenc Snétberger - Titok (ECM 2017)

Hungarian guitarist Ferenc Snétberger made a lot of new friends with his ECM solo debut In Concert (“a beautiful, assured performance” – All About Jazz) and will make many more with Titok, which features his trio with Swedish bassist Anders Jormin and US drummer Joey Baron.  Recorded at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio in May 2015 and produced by Manfred Eicher, it’s a warm and involving album, with an emphasis on intensely melodic improvisation and interaction which draws the listener gently into its sound-world.  The rapport between Snétberger and Jormin is evident from the outset, as both guitar and bass explore the contours of Ference’s compositions. Throughout, Joey Baron’s drums and cymbals provide shading and texture with restraint and subtlety.

1.COU COU (Ferenc Snétberger) 02:53
2.TITOK (Ferenc Snétberger) 02:18
3.KÉK KERÉK (Ferenc Snétberger) 04:01
4.RAMBLING (Ferenc Snétberger) 07:22
5.ORANGE TANGO (Ferenc Snétberger) 05:13
6.FAIRYTALE (Ferenc Snétberger) 05:24
7.ÁLOM (Ferenc Snétberger) 07:05
8.LEOLO (Ferenc Snétberger) 05:53
9.EASE (Ferenc Snétberger) 05:23
10.RENAISSANCE (Ferenc Snétberger) 05:14
11.CLOWN (Ferenc Snétberger) 05:09
12.RUSH (Ferenc Snétberger) 01:53
13.INFERENCE (Ferenc Snétberger) 02:16

Ferenc Snétberger  guitar
Anders Jormin  bass
Joey Baron drums