Thursday, April 20, 2017

The BvR Flamenco Big Band - Luz de Luna (2017)

“Luz de Luna” is the sequel to ‘Jaleo Holandés, the BvR Flamenco Big Band’s debut album from 2014. Just like the first album, “Luz de Luna” features a staggering diversity of compositional approaches as well as an equally solid and instantly recognizable sound . Van Rossum has by no means kept still over the past two years, returning with this new statement bringing his musical ideas into the limelight with confidence and assertion.

The CD fuses traditional flamenco elements like the idiomatic Flamenco voice, rhythmic guitar and the ever-present inflammatory clapping to the sound of a flexible big band. The compositions are refined and at the same time easy on the ear. An additional dimension is brought by the soloists: they maintain a strong individual voice while moving seemingly effortlessly within Van Rossum’s musical idiom. Particularly attractive are the solos of tenor saxophonist Joao Driessen ‘El Gladiador cobarde’, trumpeter Gidon Nunes Vaz and pianist Xavi Torres on “Lejos de Casa”.

Singer María Marín and special guest vocalist David de Jacoba deliver compelling and energetic interpretations of evocative Spanish lyrics: “Sol que almas despertará, susurra sin gritar, mientras acaricia el mar” (“Sun that awakens souls, whispering without shouting, while caressing the sea”).

A striking addition to the instrumentation is the virtuosic and soulful sound of harmonica player Antonio Serrano.

At the end of the review of their first album ‘Jaleo Holandés “, it was hoped that Van Rossum’s music would soon again materialize into a record . The result: This second album is at times romantic (on the title track “Luz de Luna”), exciting (at the beginning of “Y tu ni siquiera lo sabes”) and thanks to the skillful changes of pace and atmosphere, it flows organically. Excellent that the Fonds Podium Kunsten and the Keep an Eye Foundation contributed to making this new album possible. With ‘Jaleo Holandés, Van Rossum proved his project was an interesting newcomer to the Dutch jazz scene, with “Luz de Luna” he confirms loud and clear that the BvR Flamenco Big Band is here to stay.

La gaviota
Luz de Luna
El gladiador cobarde
Y tú ni Siquiera lo sabes
Lejos de casa
Tras la tormenta
Catedral para un ateo

Gerhard Ornig: trumpet
Bruno Calvo: trumpet
Gidon Nunes Vaz: trumpet
Evgeniy Bandarev: trumpet
Jasper van Damme: alto sax, flute
Miguel Ortega: alto sax, clarinet
Joao Driessen: tenor sax, clarinet
Fernando Sanchez: tenor sax
Bruno van der Haegen: baritone sax, bass clarinet
Jos van der Heuvel: trombone
Oliver Emitt: trombone
Matthias Konrad: trombone
Pablo Martinez: bass trombone
Xavi Torrres: piano
Marco Zenini: bass
Joan Terel: drums

Flamenco Artists
Maria Marin: voice
Edsart Udo de Haes: flamenco guitar
Udo Demandt: percussion
Miguel Hiroshi: percussion

Special Guests
Antonio Serrano: harmonica
David de Jacoba: voice
Ben van Gelder: alto sax
Carlos de Jacoba: guitar on “La Gaviota” vocal interlude