Monday, April 10, 2017

Morten Pedersen 5tet - Sammensurium (BAREFOOT RECORDS 2017)

Morten Pedersen 5tet is a new band on the European scene of free jazz and improvised music. The bandleader, Morten Pedersen ( The Mighty Mouse, JapGaf, Maria Faust Group etc.) has united a group of excellent musicians – five strong personalities gathered in this international has band with musicians from Norway, Poland, Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

The music is ethereal and a complex mix of composition and improvisation. The composed elements and strong melodies give the music a clear direction and a fresh sound, but still keeps the freedom and space for the musicians to improvise and go with their intuition.

1. Juvi
2. Jubas
3. Odacinummocni
4. Zaja
5. Kitchen
6. Dumbo
7. KB14
8. Itzi

Johannes Nästesjö – Double bass
Håkon Berre – Drums
Tomasz Dabrowski – Trumpet
Francesco Bigoni – Saxophone & clarinet

Recorded and mixed by Bjørn Gjessing
Mastered by John Fomsgaard (Karmacrew)
Cover by Håkon Berre