Monday, April 17, 2017

Matt Chandler / Ross Stanley / Eric Ford - Astrometrics (2017)

Matt Chandler


A collection of nine original compositions

ft. Ross Stanley and Eric Ford

 Album release: Friday 26 May 2017

 Album launch: Saturday 3 June 2017

Jazz Cafe Posk, London

More info and tickets: here

“… Texturally adventurous, strong funky vibe…Chandler has a nice way with melody.”  Jazzwise

“I wanted to do an album that was in keeping with the organ trio tradition but with a newer take on it and with material that was not composition heavy, where the music and the players just "get down to it". The material, by design, is simplistic. It's really a celebration of our skills and how are skills work together. The album title is in keeping with this theme as it is an anagram of our names.”
Matt Chandler

Guitarist Matt Chandler has worked with a diverse range of artists including Youth (Killing Joke, The Orb), Arno Carstens, Fake, Poly Styrene and more recently accompanied Ozark Henry on his European tour.

His innovative style is supported by a career that has spanned genres from jazz to punk, folk to electronica.

Based in London, this is album is Matt's current project and includes the respected musicians Ross Stanley on Hammond Organ and Eric Ford on drums.

1. Funk Work 08:12
2. The Sting 05:38
3. Di Diablo 07:16
4. Doctor's In The House 07:24
5. Intricate Facade 08:47
6. Scene Of No Scene 08:37
7. 5 Bar Short 08:36
8. Dirty Rat 07:26
9. A Change Of Scene (of No Scene) 05:10