Thursday, April 6, 2017

Mani Padme Trio - Vôo

“It’s diminishing to talk about Mani Padme Trio as any jazz trio. This group, in fact, doesn’t belong in any specific or recognizable music category other than the broad and “omni-understandable” category of great music, which manages to transcend the intensions of its own author until it acquires universal value.

Mani Padme Trio’s music has the rhythm of breathing, the depth of a thought, the beauty of a smile, the vitality of a running child. It’s simple, spontaneous, immediate, and speaks directly to the soul. Music that only the great can create.” (Marco Giorgi – Italian critic).

Created in 2002, Mani Padme Trio is already a reference in Brazilian jazz music. After the success of their first two albums, Um Dia de Chuva(2004) and “Depois”(2008), the trio formed by the Cuban pianist Yaniel Matos, bassist Sidiel Vieira and drummer Ricardo Mosca, releases their third CD, Vôo.

Two cultures that meet, Brazil and Cuba, samba and salsa; but the trio, while letting their common harmony be heard, as well as the differences of their musical ideas, move away from the smug concept of latin-jazz.

São Paulo’s rhythms and colors, where this work was recorded, are present, but are not easily recognizable. We find these characteristics wisely in the instruments’ dialogues drawn through a unique style that is, at the same time, richly enhanced by influences from European jazz and New York music.

“Vôo” offers – in Yaniel Matos and Sidiel Vieria’s songs – complex, deep and meditative musical forms. They also recorded two famous brasillian standards, Cais (Milton Nascimento) and Rosa Morena (Dorival Caymmi). Free of stereotypes, the trio produces music that is completely original and of a truly symbiotic relationship among the musicians. Just like their two first records, Vôo is an independent recording and is distributed in Brazil by Tratore. In Europe, both albums have been released by the Italian record label Red Records.

1. Partida
2. Gotas de Rocio
3. Cais
4. Compreensiva
5. Cimarron
6. Estrada Rural
7. El Vuelo
8. Farofa
9. Rosa Morena

Yaniel Matos - piano
Sidiel Vieira -  upright bass
Ricardo Mosca - drums