Saturday, April 29, 2017

David Kikoski - Kayemode (CRISS CROSS RECORDS 2017)

Since his first appearance on record (Randy Brecker's album In the Idiom), pianist David Kikoski has demonstrated an infinite capacity to swing, a rare sensitivity as a ballad interpreter and genuine harmonic savvy as a composer. He delivers once again on all counts on Kayemode.

Kikoski says:
"I'm very proud and lucky to have 2 new collaborators in my trio. I met Justin Faulkner on a Monday night at "the Jazz Standard" where I play with the Charles Mingus Big Band and was very impressed. Soon after we really hooked up on a gig with Branford Marsalis and I remember thinking I would love to try and use him on my own project. We had a ball hanging at my house and shedding and listening to music.

Joe Martin was someone we both agreed on to be the perfect bassist for the session. I recently heard him at "Mezzrow" with Spike Wilner and was blown away. His use of harmony and counterpoint is more advanced than most bass players I've known. I knew he could get inside of my concept.

We are using 1st or 2nd takes with no fixing or editing, because I wanted the freshness and honesty to be there".

1. Au Privave (Charlie Parker)  7:30
2. Binge Watching (David Kikoski)  7:48
3. Morning Glory (David Kikoski)  8:37
4. H & H (Pat Metheny)  6:37
5. Switching Roles (David Kikoski)  7:54
6. Mirror Mirror (Chick Corea)  6:14
7. Trinkle Tinkle (Thelonious Monk)  5:48
8. nSmoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern)  7:44
9. Blues For Gerry (David Kikoski)  3:58

Total Time: 62:15 
Recorded September 20, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Michael Marciano

Joe Martin (B)
Justin Faulkner (D)