Saturday, April 22, 2017

Caryl Baker Quartet - True Balance (UNIT RECORDS 2017)

With a combination of lyricism, rhythmical energy, restraint and exuberance, the music presented as it is makes a strong impression of its improvisational prowess, and it’s constant "search for sound" reveals the different musical personalities.

The music of the quartet puts great emphasis on themes and improvisation, sometimes developed on complex harmonies and rhythms. The saxophones are supported by an inventive and solid rhythm section, allowing the band total freedom and interactivity.

1. Understatement 5:41
2. Don't Loose It 5:30
3. Rue Franche 5:58
4. A Distinction Without a Difference 9:32
5. Destiny's Dance 5:33
6. Skyline 7:12
7. Southpaw 3:43
8. Ruse 10:29
9. The Essence of Silence (Live) 7:49
10. Plus de Nouvelles (Live) 3:27

Caryl Baker: piano
Luigi Galati: drums
Emanuel Schnyder: double bass
Daniel Erismann: trumpet / flugelhorn
Lucien Dubuis: bass clarinet (guest on 1, 2, 5, 6)

Chico Freeman: saxophone

Recorded and mixed on 18 - 20 March 2016 by Clé ment Gariel at Studio de Meudon, Paris, France 
Mastered by Julien Basserès at Studio de Meudon, Paris, France

All compositions by Caryl Baker and Chico Freeman 
Produced by Chico Freeman
Executive producers: Caryl Baker, Unit Records 
Photos: Ekaterina Semenova (front), Ferrucio Gadani (back), John Reift (inside)

Thanks to Of ce de la culture du canton de BerneSwisslos, Soutien culturel de la ville Biel/Bienne, Pourcent-culturel Migros / Tracks 9 & 10 recorded live at the Auvernier International Jazz Festival.

Special Thanks to Luigi, Emanuel, Daniel, Chico, Lucien, Bernard Faulon (for his warm welcome and wonderful studio), Clément, Julien, the Baker family and Federico Leonardi for their great dedication for making this project possible.