Friday, March 24, 2017

Ohad Talmor & Christoph Irniger - Subway Lines (Counterpoints) FRESH SOUND NEW TALENT 2017

01. Subway Line 3 (Talmor) 5:07
02. Lennie Grass (Irniger) 6:03
03. Two Fools Tears (Talmor) 6:47
04. By Heart (Irniger) 3:51
05. Subway Line 2 (Talmor) 6:36
06. Dance (Irniger) 5:02
07. Bounce (Talmor) 5:25
08. Subway Line 5 Head Only (Talmor) 0:42
09. Of Love and Satisfaction (Talmor) 6:17
10. Subway Line 5 (Talmor) 4:47

Ohad Talmor-Christoph Irniger "CounterpointS" are:
Ohad Talmor (tenor sax, left channel)
Christoph Irniger (tenor sax, right channel)
Baenz Oester (bass)
Vinnie Sperrazza (drums)

Recorded at Playground Studios, Zürich, Switzerland, November 14 & 15, 2015

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Andy Neresheimer
Artwork: I&W Designs

Produced by CounterpointS
Executive Producer for Radio SRF 2 Kultur: Peter Bürli

Subway Line 3 is based on the chord progression of “I Remember You”
Lennie Grass is based on the chord progression of “I Got Rhythm”
Two Fools Tears is closely related to “Tea for Two”
Subway Line 2 is based on the chord progression of “My Romance”
Dance used chords to John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” as a departure point
Subway Line 5 is closely inspired by the chords of “Solar”