Monday, March 27, 2017

Caravaggio - Turn Up (LA BUISSONNE 2017)

We discover the desire to affirm the alternative characteristics of the music band by assuming even more the 'art rock' dimension.The tandem Chevillon - Echampard ( two essential representatives of the Jazz and Alternative world for 2 decades) and Sighicelli- De La Fuente( today's pillars of the world of contemporary and experimental music) have perfectly integrated the elements  from contemporary or electroacoustic music, thinking about the music pieces as sonorous worlds, while keeping in the game the rage and the spontaneity coming from Rock. 

The difference with the previous record is in the process of producing pieces which are much more inspired by the interplay and energy that emerge from them, maintaining this rock heritage and experimental legacy. Writing is born of collective play. The patterns, themes, harmonic grids and riffs are less frequent. The pieces look like sound ranges, they are worked and shaped to find their balance, as the sculptor would do with his raw material. Here the raw material is an alloy of pop, rock, experimental, classical, electronic...

If this record globally evolves in dense and dark tones, there sometimes appear light flashes, exciting then peaceful white moments. This play on contrasts remains perhaps the point of unity of all Caravaggio's music. This new repertoire on stage is an intense experience.

2. STREET ART 05:30
5. 1064°C 04:46
6. ENCERcléS 02:41
7. LAND ART 06:08

Bruno Chevillon : electric bass, double bass, electronic effects, tambourin, voice 
Eric Echampard : Tama Starclassic Drums, Paiste traditional cymbals, voice 
Benjamin de la Fuente : Violin, Tenor guitar, electronic effects, acoustic slide guitar, voice 
Samuel Sighicelli : Hammond organ, sampler, analog synthesizer (Korg, Dave Smith, Moog), Fender Rhodes, piano, voice 

Recorded at Studios La Buissonne in July and November 2015 by Gérard de Haro and Nicolas Baillard. 
ENCERcléS recorded by Jean-Baptiste Deucher (Studio Acousti, Paris). 
Edited by Benjamin de la Fuente and Samuel Sighicelli. 
Mixed in May 2016 by Gérard de Haro, Nicolas Baillard, Benjamin de la Fuente, Samuel Sighicelli. 
Mastered at Galaxy by Marwan Danoun. 
Cover and liner photos Mat Jacob. 
Graphics Roman Gigou. 
Produced by Gérard de Haro and RJAL for La Buissonne and Sphota.