Monday, March 13, 2017

Arketypos Trio - Arketypos Trio (ALFA MUSIC 2017)

Music is an archetype of humanity.
It may have preceded verbal language.
While Dancing humanity created music, or from the music did
he starting dancing...?

For us jazz is like painting: classical, expressionist, realist, mannerist,
impressionist, surrealist, symbolist or any other style.

In front of a painting, initially, one allows himself to be carried away by
the emotion transmitted by the vision as a whole, then slowly began to
delve deeper into the details and, analyzing them, the free association of
ideas gives rise to the “free communication” process between the artist’s
intention and the sensibility of the observer.

So, as Miles Davis once said: “A song tells you what to think with the
lyrics. But with an instrumental composition you can think about whatever
you want”.

For a jazz musician composition and improvisation are two aspects
of the same instinct: the first is more thoughtful and conceptual, while
the second is emotional and spontaneous. In any case, the objective is
the non-verbal communication, beyond the words, using the universal
language of music.

In this sense, Arketypos or rather archetype, expresses the true essence
of sensible matters, transcending them; a primordial image contained in
the collective subconscious. Music, in this manner, returns to its origins to
reactualize and renew itself.

1 Mediterranean Fight Song
2 Nerano
3 Remembering
4 Coixedda
5 The Wait
6 The Giants
7 Lydian Song
8 Electric Riot 

Antonio Carboni - guitar
Luca Primo - electric bass
Gianluca Costa - drums

Recording Data

Recording: Groovefarm Studio - Rome
Sound engineer: Davide Abbruzzese
Mix: Superdry Recording Studio - Rome
Sound engineer: Fabrizio Frezza
Mastering: AlfaMusic Studio – Rome
Sound engineer: Alessandro Guardia