Thursday, February 2, 2017

Frisson - Frisson (2017)

Wellesley native Matt Dibiase is a bouncy vibraphone player. In a video of a live performance by his jazz band Frisson, Dibiase is bobbing up and down from his knees, even when he's just listening. Frisson, his eight-piece jazz band, is playing "Stability Searches," which is about "searching for your identity early on in your college experience," according to Dibiase, who just graduated from Oberlin College and Conservatory.

As "Stability Searches" reaches a crescendo, Dibiase charges up to double bounce mode, nearly crossing over to full-on party bopping. His enthusiasm for the piece might be buoyed by the fact that he wrote it. Every part. Dibiase is the band's composer, making him a full-time Frisson spark plug both on and off the stage. And the most exciting part is still to come.

Frisson will be releasing their debut album, "Frisson," on Feb. 1. And as a special treat, they will be showing new music videos of their studio tracks throughout the month of January. The music video for the studio recording of "Stability Searches," is viewable at the top of the page. All of the videos will be viewable as they are released on Frisson's Facebook page at

In 2015, Dibiase reeled in the following Oberlin jazz majors to form Frisson: Ashley Hale (trumpet), Nathan Rice (tenor sax), Russell Gelman Sheehan (guitar), Michael Orenstein (keys), Eli Heath (bass),Chase Kuesel (drums) and Patrick Graney (aux. percussion).

"The major reason I do this is just because I'm inspired by the musicians around me," Dibiase said. "I like collaborating." Dibiase had known Kuesel for two years before the band formed.

1. Cortisol (Feat. Larry Galloway) 08:02
2. Churn 08:23
3. Transfigurations 08:41
4. Stability Searches 09:18
5. Redemption (Feat. Max Bessesen) 08:40

Lefi to right:
Nathan Rice (tenor sax) 
Michael Orenstein (keys)
Eli Heath (bass)
Chase Kuesel (drums)
Giveton Gelin (trumpet)
Patrick Graney (aux. percussion)
Russell Gelman Sheehan (guitar)