Saturday, February 25, 2017

Cameron Graves - Planetary Prince (MACK AVENUE RECORDS 2017)

“Cameron Graves’ music is vigorous and refreshing. There is an infectious raw energy on Planetary Prince that is coupled with these terrific melodies and blistering solo work, the whole album is energizing..." In its full realization, the album only furthers that pulse-quickening, consciousness-broadening energy and maintains it over the course of nearly 80 illuminating minutes. 

Satania Our Solar System
Planetary Prince
El Diablo
Adam & Eve
The End of Corporatism
Isle of Love
The Lucifer Rebellion

Cameron Graves - Piano
Hadrien Faraud- Bass
Kamasi Washington- Sax
Ronald Bruner Jr - Drums
Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner - Bass
Ryan Porter -Trombone
Philip Dizack - Tromba