Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Agnes Hvizdalek - INDEX (NAKAMA RECORDS 27th of February 2017)

"Index" is a 47 minutes long abstract of Agnes Hvizdalek's decade-long experimental music practice and systematic research on the sonic possibilities of the human voice. It can be read as a book of references to contemporary and electronic music, as well as a kind of meta-alphabetical catalogue of verbal communication’s smallest building bricks: a table of content, or depending on the point of view, a blacklist.

The piece is recorded at the bottom of a 60 meter high chimney of the ancient factory "Casa das Caldeiras" in the heart of São Paulo. We follow Agnes Hvizdalek on a consequent path from intimate breaths and clicks to powerful echoing overtones and multiphonics. The lonesome, unprocessed voice is accompanied by the macro-soundscape of city noises and other background sounds, such as construction workers' radios, ambient activity within the factory and helicopters flying overhead – gentle reminders of the outside world.

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