Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ernie Watts Quartet - Wheel of Time (2016)

According to MIDWEST RECORD review "It's always a fine time when Watts brings his sax to a recording studio, even if he has to go all the way to Germany to do it. The kind of cat that still deserves his slot at a major label, he knows how to run his own session and plays like he enjoys the freedom of being able to wail with no one looking over his shoulder and give him session notes. With a crew that's been together for 15 years, the lights are low and the post bop grooves are swinging nicely. Solidly tasty work from a real pro, this is the real sound of contemporary jazz."

01. Letter from Home
02. A Distant Light
03. Inner Urge
04. Andi’s Blues
05. L’Agua Azul
06. You and You
07. Velocity
08. Goose Dance
09. Wheel of Time (Anthem for Charlie)

Christof Saenger: piano
Rudi Engel: bass
Heinrich Koebberling: drums