Monday, January 16, 2017

Colin Vallon Trio - Danse (ECM 2017)

The Colin Vallon Trio has found its own space in the crowded world of the piano trio by quietly challenging its conventions. On its third ECM album Vallon again leads the group not with virtuosic solo display but by patient outlining of melody and establishing of frameworks in which layered group improvising can take place. With this group, gentle but insistent rhythms can trigger seismic musical events. Although Vallon (recently nominated for the Swiss Music Prize) is the author of nine of the pieces here, the band members share equal responsibilities for the music’s unfolding.

The gravitational pull of Patrice Moret’s bass and the intense detail supplied by Julian Sartorius’s drums and cymbals are crucial to the success of Vallon’s artistic concept and the range of emotions the music can convey. Danse is issued in both CD and LP editions. Read more...

01. Sisyphe
02. Tsunami
03. Smile
04. Danse
05. L'onde
06. Oort
07. Kid
08. Reste
09. Tinguely
10. Morn
11. Reste (Variation)

Patrice Moret - double bass
Julian Sartorius - drums