Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chico Matada - Reflections (GATEWAY MUSIC 2016)

Chico Matada is a Mozambican born drummer, composer and recording artist currently based in Denmark. His music is drawn from a mix of influences ranging from traditional and contemporary African rhythms, to Nordic sounds and Jazz related music. 

In 2015, as a retrospect of his life experiences, Chico Matada decided to go to the studio to record his debut album called Reflections.The album has a contribution of musicians from Mozambique, Ghana, Afghanistan, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia resulting in a true composite of cultures, which is reflected in his music.

All the songs are composed and arranged by him and his approach to communicating sentiment in composition is like a litany to the Divine.

Since 2010, Chico has performed and recorded with artists such as Chris Minh Doky, Andrew D angelo, Deodato Siquir, Gimo Mendes, among other notable talents.

A graduate in jazz studies from the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Chico Matada is currently based in Copenhagen, where he is working extensively with his own project ”The Chico Matada Group.” 

Alongside to performing Matada is a music educator and have taught at Rudolf Steiner School, World Music Center, Den Kreative Skole, and at Rudehøj Efterskole. But at the present time, he is devoting himself to his own music with the goal to mature the Group’s sound.

01. Reflections
02. I Wish You a Wonderful Day
03. What Could Be
04. Suipa & Mandivinda
05. Crossing Bridges
06. Keep Walking
07. Awake in a Dream
08. Songs of Song
09. Beyond the Line
10. Playground

Mathias Petri- Double bass
Simon Eskildsen - Piano
Lars Akesson - Guitar
Alfkil Wennermark - Violin