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CD RELEASE PARTY: You Are Cordially Invited - Kitano NYC 01.26.17 (KARI-ON PRODUCTIONS)

CD Release Party

“Her voice is like pure sterling. Her phrasing is exquisite, her clarity and enunciation on par with the great Jo Stafford and her breath control – a talent so 
often, and so wrongfully, overlooked – rivals Sinatra’s..." 
-Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes.com 

“Audrey Silver has that rare quality of light infectious swing that lights up her tall willowy persona.”
-Mark Murphy, Jazz Vocalist 

“As beautiful as the instrumentals are, if Audrey’s voice has not 
captivated you, you better check your volume.”
-Stephanie Trotter, Celebrity Cafe


Audrey Silver is one of the most elegantly creative singers in jazz today. Known for her smooth, effortless sound, sensitive interpretations, satisfying swing, and unique approach to the American songbook, Audrey sings with a style that radiates her warm, generous personality, Jazztimes’ Christopher Loudon writes, ...her voice is like pure sterling. Her phrasing is exquisite, her clarity and enunciation on par with the great Jo Stafford and her breath control a talent so often, and so wrongfully, overlooked rivals Sinatra’s.”

Audrey’s steady stream of appearances including performances at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival and New York’s prestigious JVC Jazz Festival have made her more sought after than ever. Based in New York City, she regularly performs at numerous venues including 55 Bar, Cornelia Street Cafe and The Kitano. 

In October, 2016 Audrey released her third CD, Very Early. Included in the stellar line-up are two revered jazz musicians, Bruce Barth on piano and Lewis Nash on drums. The album offers a broad array of music from American Songbook standards, originals, to contemporary tunes and a French song all creatively arranged by singer, composer and Berklee professor, Steven Santoro.

Audrey received critical praise for her “vocal prowess” in her second album, Dream Awhile, which features many of the players that have worked with her in New York clubs throughout her career, including pianist Joe Barbato, bassist Joe Fitzgerald, guitarist Chris Bergson, and drummers Anthony Pinciotti and Todd Isler. The recording wowed critics, who lauded her thoughtful, charming, and uniquely personal interpretations of 11 lesser- known jazz standards. 

Audrey is a storyteller at heart, a performer who loves connecting with her audiences. She respects the power of lyrics, but is equally fascinated by how an artist can alter the mood, meaning and impact of a song through its arrangement. Audrey has an insatiable desire to learn, a vast repertoire, years of jazz piano studies, a well-developed ear for scat and improv, and a musically open mind. These elements combine to make Audrey a singer, bandleader and arranger who delights her audiences and fellow musicians. An avid researcher and broad listener, Audrey continuously adds to her distinctive musical vocabulary, and always surprises audiences with her delightfully original versions of jazz standards. Also inspired by the cabaret world, she enjoys sharing anecdotes between songs, offering an unusually friendly, intimate, and enlightening jazz atmosphere. 

Audrey started studying classical piano and cello as a young child, but deep down she alway wanted to be a singer. Audrey explored her love of jazz and popular song by spending hours absorbing the styles of Fred Astaire (she also studied tap) and singing along with the various Broadway musicals such as The Pajama Game and Guys and Dolls that comprised much of her father’s record collection. Audrey finally began to explore her vocal skills while studying at Brown University, where she founded the school’s first co-ed jazz a cappella group, The Higher Keys, for which she transcribed and arranged for the first time.

After graduation, her love of music led to employment in the marketing and A&R departments of CBS Masterworks (now SONY Classical) and then as the Director of Marketing for Chesky Records. She earned an MBA at Columbia Business School and worked as an account executive for advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather. But eventually her deep love for jazz drew her back to singing. 

In 1998, Audrey met Jon Raney (pianist and son of jazz great, Jimmy Raney). He encouraged her to pursue a career as a singer, and worked with her on a demo in 2000 alongside drummer Ronnie Zito (whose rhythmic skills drove the bands of Woody Herman and Bobby Darin) and bassist Jay Leonhart (a Judy Garland and Tony Bennett favorite). Audrey has also studied privately with vocal priestess Sheila Jordan, as well as Mark Murphy, Grammy nominee and four-time winner of the Downbeat Readers Poll for Male Jazz Singer of the Year. According to Murphy, Audrey “has that rare quality of light infectious swing that lights up her tall willowy persona.” 

Audrey’s eclectic background and tireless curiosity continue to inform her understated, intelligent style. Inspired by numerous jazz greats including Joe Williams, Anita O’Day, and Bill Evans, she’s also influenced by an array of musicians and styles, including pop diva Annie Lennox, Yoruban chant, the Brazilian jazz guitarist/composer Djavan, and the atonal explorations of classical composer Arnold Schoenberg. 

Ever the explorer, Audrey continues to expand her musical and creative horizons. She is currently working on numerous projects, including a show of her original songs, a recording of early jazz tunes, and a tribute to legendary vocalist Anita O’Day. Also driven by a desire to give back, Audrey regularly performs at senior and community centers throughout New York City, and acknowledges these programs have changed her as a musician and, interestingly, feels they have been among her best.

CD Description

The singing of Audrey Silver is a complete pleasure to the ear: warm, supple, effortless, serene and full of heart. Audrey is an admired presence on the New York jazz scene; and this album, her third, will show you why. Arranged by jazz singer and Berklee College of Music professor Steven Santoro, Very Early is a package of articulate stories about life. It reaches beyond standards to include songs by Sting, Israeli singer-songwriter Keren Ann, and Audrey herself, in collaboration with her song writing partner, composer Dominique Gagne.

Her pianist, Bruce Barth, whose discography includes fourteen albums of his own…is also a sensitive accompanist to jazz singers…Paul Beaudry, her highly respected bassist, and master drummer Lewis Nash fill out the most supportive rhythm section a singer could wish for…

[Very Early was a long time in the making]…Audrey doesn’t hide her key obstacle along the way: a fierce and prolonged struggle with clinical depression. “Almost everybody that I meet has had some experience with it or knows someone who has,” says Audrey. Hard as it was to persevere, she did until she found solutions. “I think making music is what kept me going,” she adds…

The freedom and ease of the new recordings suggest brighter days for Audrey. Jazz singing has certainly enabled her to spread her wings…Very Early is ultimately an expression of hard-earned endurance and positivity.” I want people to come away from it feeling better than they had before, she says.

Track & Time and Composer

1.Galileo (4:55)

Lyrics and Music by Declan O’Rourke and Seamus Cotter

2. Surrey with the Fringe on Top (5:15)

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, Music by Richard Rodgers

3.The Cold Wind’s Embrace (4:28)

Lyrics by Audrey Silver, Music by Audrey Silver & Dominique Gagne

4. Getting to Know You (6:25)

Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, Music by Richard Rodgers

5. Goodbye New York (4:23)

Lyrics by Deborah Garrison, Music by Audrey Silver & Dominique Gagne

6. Until (4:59)

Lyrics and Music by Sting

7. Lemon Twist (4:30)

Lyrics and Music by Bobby Troup

8. Very Early (4:28)

Lyrics by Carol Hall, Music by Bill Evans

9. What’s with You (5:11)

Lyrics and Music by Mose Allison

10. Jardin D’Hiver (5:14)

Lyrics and Music by K. A. Zeidel and B. Biolay

11. Lucky to Be Me (4:29)

Lyrics by Betty Comden & Adolph Green, Music by Leonard Bernstein

12. When the World Was New (5:35)

Lyrics by Audrey Silver, Music by Audrey Silver & Dominique Gagne

Instrument - Player 

Bruce Barth - piano (all tracks except track 8)

Paul Beaudry - bass

Lewis Nash - drums (all tracks except track 8)

Alex Norris - trumpet (tracks 2, 3, 6 &10)

Gary Versace - accordion (tracks 6 & 12)

Ron Affif - guitar (track 9)

Tom Beckham - vibes (tracks 7, 8 and 12)