Monday, November 14, 2016

Matti Oehl Quartett - Ornament (UNIT RECORDS 2016)

The new quartet of german saxophonist and composer Matti Oehl includes musicians looking for pure melodies, setting their musical roots into the context of jazz and experimenting with composed and improvised material to their limits. The band includes german jazz legend Johannes Enders on tenor saxophone, the double-bass virtuoso Robert Lucaciu and young upcoming drummer Tom Friedrich.

Despite lacking a harmonic instrument, the four know how to not let you miss one, using different energy, densitiy and dynamics. The compositions by Matti Oehl are the solid ground to start from, open to all influences and specially arranged for the performing musicians.

2. Wahrtraumdeuterei (II) 3:30
3. Wahrtraumdeuterei (III) 5:35
4. Black Keys 4:23
5. Hymnus 3:58
6. Ornament 4:14
7. Watch Out! There's A Thief About! 3:09
8. Sils Mariails Maria 8:06
9. Tannenwald 3:23

Matti Oehl - alto saxophone
Johannes Enders - tenor saxophone
Robert Lucaciu - bass
Tom Friedrich - drums

All compositions by Matti Oehl, #9 Tannenwald is an adaption of the "Pilgerchor" from Richard Wagner's opera "Tannhäuser"
Recorded at Blackbird Music Studio, Berlin
Recording Date: Sept 26 2015
Studio engineer & Mix: Michael Ungerer
Mastering by: Christoph Stickel

Special Thanks to Johannes, Robert und Tom, Harald und Lukas (Unit Records), Michael und Robin (Blackbird Music), Christoph, Tobi, my family and friends, all known and unknown sources of inspiration.