Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ivo Perelman / Karl Berger - The Hitchhiker (LEO RECORDS 2016)

This is the second CD Ivo Perelman recorded with Karl Berger. However, on the first CD ( CD LR 712 - Reverie) Karl played piano while this time he played vibraphone. This was the first time ever that Ivo played with vibraphone. Both albums are very different because of the nature of the instruments.

Playing with vibraphone opened the door for Ivo to show his kinder, gentler side. According to Ivo, Karl happened to be more 'European,' more romantic.

01. The Shadowy Path 6:36
02. The Well Of Memory 8:14
03. Twilight 4:22
04. Unspoken Feelings 4:49
05. The Hitchhiker 4:01
06. Pride And Prejudice 2:48
07. Extremely Loud While Incredibly Quiet 1:19
08. Engulfed In Flames 2:52
09. Zen And The Art Of Improvisation 1:51
10. The Sound Of Bliss 6:31
11. Well-Behaved Quarter Notes 4:38

Ivo Perelman tenor saxophone
Karl Berger vibraphone

Recorded at Parkwest Studios, Brooklyn, NY July 2015