Friday, October 28, 2016

The Freexielanders - Looking Back, Playing Forward (2016 RUDI RECORDS)

A little All Star composed of musicians from different generations and different environments of the Italian less aligned Jazz scene. Musicians, often associated to the field of the experimental music, among whom masters Giancarlo Schiaffini and Eugenio Colombo, who, under the name of Freexielanders, choose to look back at their roots. Looking Back, Playing Forward.

A programmatic title for an assorted repertoire that, from Jelly Roll Morton’s New Orleans and Scott Joplin’s syncopated rhythm, deviates to the film music of master Felice Montagnini and to the very Dutch Swing of Misha Mengelberg to finally rejoin Duke Ellington’s indigo spirit. A refined, exotic, imaginary sound skillfully played between present, past and future.

Booklet with Liner Notes by Bruno Tommaso

The Freexielanders
Aurelio Tontini, trumpet
Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone
Eugenio Colombo, alto sax
Errico De Fabritiis, tenor sax
Alberto Popolla, clarinet, alto clarinet
Francesco Lo Cascio, vibraphone
Gianfranco Tedeschi, double bass
Nicola Raffone, drums

St. James Infirmary/Gotta get to St. Joe (Joe Primrose/Joe Bishop) (7:59)
On the Banks of the Wabash (Paul Dresser) (6:10)
Peer’s Country Song (Misha Mengelberg arr. by E. Colombo) (4:19)
Come Sunday (Duke Ellington, arr. by G. Schiaffini) (6:04)
Voci del Deserto (Felice Montagnini) (5:20)
Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington, arr. by G. Schiaffini) (5:08)
Black Maria (Fred Rose) (5:51)
Yardbird Shuffle (James A. Noble) (4:35)
Cannonball Blues (Jelly Roll Morton, arr. by E. Colombo) (4:31)
Sabor de Habanera (Giancarlo Schiaffini) (3:50)
The Great Crush Collision March (Scott Joplin, arr. G. Schiaffini) (4:50)
(with a Malus Track in more)