Friday, October 14, 2016

Reggie Watkins (The Jimmy Knepper Project) - Avid Admirer (2016)

Serendipity, synchronicity and promises that were made to be kept led to the making of this fantastic tribute to Jimmy Knepper played on the late bone masters own horns. 

Pure music, pure jazz and pure gold every step of the way when he steps into the Knepper's shoes and finds his own sizable talents augmented with the magic that's hard to explain. Backed by jazzbos that get it and want to be there, this romp through some of Knepper's greatest moments sound as fresh as today as when they were written and first played making this simply an album that needed to be made. Killer stuff throughout.

1. Figment Fragment 04:18
2. Idol of the Flies 03:55
3. Cunningbird 05:14
4. Noche Triste 05:45
5. In The Interim 06:02
6. Avid Admirer 05:55
7. Ogling Ogre 05:07
8. Primrose Path 05:26
9. Goodbye 04:29

Matt Parker, tenor & soprano saxophone
Orrin Evans, piano (1-6)
Tuomo Uusitalo, piano (7-9)
Steve Whipple, bass
Reggie Quinerly, drums