Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jure Pukl Quartet - Live At Thelonious (2016 DISCOS PENDIENTE)

The Jure Pukl Quartet’s music, led by the Slovenian saxophonist and recorded live at the legendary Thelonious jazz club in the bohemian Bellavista neighborhood of Santiago, is played as if there weren’t four musicians here, but just one—that’s how cohesive this group is.

That’s largely due to the fact that the saxophonist had worked with the rest of these musicians—with the exception of this project’s producer, guitarist Nicolas Vera—in New York. Pukl visits Chile frequently, where he has established himself on the local jazz scene.  “Jure Pukl Live at Thelonious” forms the latest part of the innovative catalog of the label Discos Pendiente. Welcome!

Jure Pukl, tenor sax / saxo tenor

Melissa Aldana, tenor sax / saxo tenor

Jure Pukl Quartet
feat. Nicolás Vera / Pablo Menares / Félix Lecaros
special guest. Melissa Aldana
Live at Thelonious

1. False Accusation
2. Up & Over
3. Sequence III / Enko Dunko
4. Compassion
5. La rueda del tiempo
6. Bizgo

Jure Pukl, tenor saxophone
Nicolás Vera, guitar
Pablo Menares, double bass
Félix Lecaros, drums

Melissa Aldana, tenor saxophone on Up & Over

All compositions writen by Jure Pukl except La rueda del tiempo by Nicolás Vera

Produced by Nicolás Vera

Executive Production: Discos Pendiente & Roberto Barahona

©2016 All rights reserved

Recorded live at Thelonious, lugar de jazz on the 12th of January 2016, Santiago - Chile

Rec engineer: Diego Bustamante
Rec assistant: Diego Valenzuela
Mix and Mastering: Gonzalo González - CHT Estudios
Photo: Ana María Lara
Design: Cristián González S.

Jure wants to thank his family for constant support, his love Chiqui, new chilean friends and family, Nathalie Proulx and Jorge Valero, Marcos Aldana and family, Roberto Barahona, Susana and Rosita and everybody at Punta de Choros, Sergio, Marco Reyes and Orquesta Huambaly. Biggest thank you goes to Nico Vera, Pablo Menares and Felix Lecaros - you all sound beautiful on this one as well as you are beautiful personalities. I hope we will do much more in the future. Thank you Discos Pendiente for making this happening.

Nos vemos perros!

Discos Pendiente wants to thank Erwin Díaz & Thelonious, José Tomás Vicuña, Pepe Hosiasson, Chalo González, Diego Bustamante, Diego Valenzuela, Cristián González, Claudia Varas, Ana María Lara, Diego Pequeño.

Jure Pukl plays Selmer saxophones and is a D'Addario Performing Artist and plays exclusively on Reserve No. 3 reeds, Marmaduke mouthpieces and accessories, Fred Lebayle mouthpieces, EGR Ligatures and his saxophone is keept in form by Jon Baltimore Music company.

Félix Lecaros plays Istanbul Mehmet cymbals exclusively.