Thursday, September 22, 2016

Luigi Masciari, Aaron Parks & Roberto Giaquinto - The G-Session (2016) TOSKY RECORDS

Tosky Records® announces a new release for the New Expression Jazz line: “The G-Session” by Luigi Masciari. The title is borrowed from the homonymous recording studio of Brooklyn, which was the last setting of Masciari as a band leader. “The G-Session” is a musical performance realized together with two outstanding musicians. It is an impressive composition of warmth, vibration and sound very dear to the New York Jazz music but still original, an important feature which makes Masciari stand out as an eclectic and inspired composer, whose musical language is a mix of groove and melodic moments.

01. Mr. Jay (L. Masciari)
02. Vox (L. Masciari)
03. Seven Dollars (L. Masciari)
04. Music Man (L. Masciari)
05. Boogie Blue (L. Masciari)
06. Echoes* (L. Masciari – O. Rea) feat. Oona Rea
07. Don’t Touch My Chords (L.Masciari)

Luigi Masciari (guitar)
Aaron Parks (Fender Rhodes, piano)
Roberto Giaquinto (drums)

Oona Rea (vocals)