Monday, August 29, 2016

Nate Wooley - Argonautica (2016)

Argonautica is a sonic analog to the epic poem of the same name. Built in three parts, or chapters, the music makes oblique reference to dodecaphony, ambient tape music, and the driving minimalist rock of Terry Riley. It was conceived and written as a tribute to Wooley’s mentor Ron Miles, who plays the lyrical cornet role to the leader’s more caustic trumpet voice. The rhythm section is equally balanced with Grammy award winning new music pianist Cory Smythe in tandem with Belgian Fender-Rhodes legend Jozef Dumoulin and the brash upstart free jazz drumming of Devin Gray interlocking with the fiery precision of Rudy Royston. The group is compositionally set in different duos and trios, working together and separately throughout the fifty-plus minutes of music to slowly build to a shattering climax that raises the question of what jazz-rock can be in the twenty-first century.

Argonautica 42:53

Nate Wooley: Trumpet 
Ron Miles: Cornet 
Cory Smythe: Piano 
Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes and Electronics 
Devin Gray: Drums 
Rudy Royston: Drums 

Music by Nate Wooley - FourWordsSeaMusic (BMI) 

Recorded December 9, 2014 
at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT 
by Chris Reba 
Mixed and Mastered by Nick Lloyd 
Graphic Design by Megan Craig 
Produced by Nate Wooley 
Co-produced by Nick Lloyd