Monday, June 6, 2016

Rempis / Abrams / Ra + Baker - Perihelion (2016) AEROPHONIC RECORDS

This sophomore release by the working trio of Dave Rempis, Joshua Abrams, and Avreeayl Ra shows a band doubling down on the slow, patient approach to improvising that characterized their first release, 2014’s Aphelion. The trio continues to pulsate, expanding ever outwards, yet returning to a central core each time to launch their next adventure. The live sets presented on this new two-disc set document that musical expansion and contraction within the trio, but also take things a step further as the band adds enigmatic keyboardist Jim Baker to the fold as a special guest for disc two. Baker’s a logical choice to meet up with these three; his own trio with Abrams and Ra, although a sporadic grouping, dates back to the early aught’s, and he’s worked with both in countless other contexts across many years. Similarly, a multitude of collaborations between he and Rempis date back to the late 1990’s. On Perihelion, these two overlapping circles spiral seamlessly into focus to demonstrate the gravitational strength of a central core built by decades of shared history.

1. Enceladus 43:09
2. Cassini Division 32:10
3. Pan and Daphnis 08:22

Dave Rempis – alto/tenor/baritone saxophone 
Joshua Abrams – bass/clarinet 
Avreeayl Ra – drums/wooden flute 

+ Jim Baker – keyboard/electronics (disc two)

DISC ONE - Recorded August 27th, 2015 at Elastic Arts in Chicago 

1) Enceladus 43:09 

DISC TWO - Recorded January 3rd, 2016 at The Owl in Chicago 

1) Cassini Division 32:10 
2) Pan and Daphnis 08:22 

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dave Zuchowski 

Design by Johnathan Crawford 
Produced by Dave Rempis 

Special thanks to Paul Giallorenzo and Elastic Arts, and to Aaron Dexter and The Owl

Releases June 21, 2016