Saturday, May 14, 2016


News from USA!

The New York-based magazine THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD (May 2016), dedicates his column on the labels to Rudi Records.

Ken Waxman interviews Massimo Iudicone, founder of the label.

Rudi Records Label Spotlight | By Ken Waxman

Realization of one dream coupled with the lessening of funding for others convinced Massimo Iudicone in 2010 that it was time to create his own label. Since that time Rudi Records has released 32 productions by noteworthy musicians from its base in Terracina, about 50 miles southeast of Rome. Iudicone, who also produces music festivals, found the money situation made it difficult to organize concerts.

“So I decided to start a record company to host and document the events that I would have liked in my festivals,” he recalls. At the same time Iudicone, who had been working with The Italian Instabile Orchestra (IIO) since the ‘90s, was organizing projects for friends in the IIO. “We often talked about creating a record linked to the Orchestra, but we were never able to manage it,” he explains. Instead that dream became Rudi. The label’s first jazz release was Wind & Slap featuring IIO members trombonists Giancarlo Schiaffini and Sebi Tramontana, with subsequent sessions featuring such Orchestra stalwarts as tenor saxophonist Daniele Cavallanti, drummer Tiziano Tononi and violinist Emanuele Parrini. Other wellrespected Italian improvisers have recorded for the label as well as a scattering of outsiders including Austrian vocalist Katja Cruz and American saxophonist Sabir Mateen. Most Rudi CDs highlight small groups, but some feature larger ensembles. “I absolutely want to document and make a space for special projects and for musicians who often suffer from lack of popularity but are excellent artists,” states Iudicone. “I believe improvisation in music is one of the highest expressions of contemporary art; it’s to live following the beat of our time.” This beat goes on in different fashions. ...READ MORE


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