Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Martin Perret's L'Anderer - Don't Try You Are (2016) QFTF


Martin Perret's L'Anderer - Don't Try You Are (2016)

Martin Perret’s music investigates the murder of a mysterious man in an indefinite country just after the war. The location and the time are never explicit. L’Anderer is a stranger, a loner, its the brother Grimm by way of Kafka. It’s the telestic soundtrack to a story of unspeakable evil, darkness and human decay.

Lost In Time I
Seuls Contre Tous
Killer Bees
Lost In Time II
Killer Drones

Martin Perret drums, composition
Marie Kruttli piano
Sebastian Strinning tenor saxophone
Franziska Staubli guitar
Elio Amberg tenor saxophone
Martina Berther bass