Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lauren Lee: Lauren Lee "Space Jazz" Trio - The Consciousness Test (2016)

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by Lauren Lee "Space Jazz" Trio

2016 Release and debut album of the Lauren Lee "Space Jazz" Trio, 'The Consciousness Test' is an 8 track album of original jazz compositions dedicated to the fight against the stigma of mental illness. 

You can support the album's production by making a small contribution via Paypal. Donations more than $1 will receive a full digital download of the album, with other perks associated with higher contributions. A portion of the proceeds raised benefits the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Lauren Lee: piano, vocals
Charley Sabatino, bass
Andy O'Neill, drums

Power Lines
The Consciousness Test
Oh No, Oh No, Oh No, Oh No, Oh No
The Life Cycle
The Procrastination Song