Monday, April 4, 2016

Huw V Williams - Hon (2016)

The wide range of musical styles represented here is amazing: strongly beautiful lyrical melodic lines, folk, energetic funk and jazz-rock are combined with free jazz and absolutely exciting improv. Accordion, prepared piano and kalimba (at least it sounds like this) add some special flair.

The very impressive debut album of young British musicians led by bassist and composer Huw V. Williams makes a really good start.

Released February 26, 2016 

Huw V Williams: Bass 
Laura Jurd: Trumpet 
Alam Nathoo: Tenor Saxophone 
Elliot Galvin: Accordion/Piano 
Pete Ibbetson: Drums 

Bonus track featuring:
Huw Warren: Piano 
HVW: Bass 
Jim Black: Drums 

All tunes by Huw V Williams 

Huw Warren: Producer 
Alex Killpartrick: Sound Engineer 
Sam Barnes: Assistant Sound Engineer 
Donal Whelan: Mastering Engineer 
Meirion Ginsberg: Artwork

1. Beryl 01:51
2. Skardu's Missing 04:08
3. 06/01/14 05:45
4. Rotten Apple Boughs 08:01
5. Mugs 07:14
6. Retrogressive Shredfest 05:24
7. Slumps 06:16
8. Hon 05:22
9. Glyn (Live) 11:27