Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunna Gunnlaugs and Maarten Ornstein - Unspoken (2016)

Label: Self Released

This Dutch-Icelandic duo originated on Twitter, earned immediate praise and will now release its first album full of spatial, transparent interplay. ‘A beautiful couple’.
It clicked instantly when Icelandic pianist Sunna Gunnlaugs and bass clarinet player Maarten Ornstein exchanged messages on Twitter in early 2013. That summer they already played their first concert at Reykjavik Jazz Festival, one day after their first encounter in person. They liked playing together and the reactions were amazing, so they decided to continue as a duo. Last fall in Iceland they recorded an album with mostly original compositions. Their music is spatial, transparent and unconstrained. The CD entitled Unspoken will be presented at the Bimhuis.
‘Musically they form a beautiful couple, with flexible interplay and completely equal roles. Ornstein manages to create the sound that identifies the bass clarinet as such a magical instrument. Gunnlaugs gives the piano a friendly face and evokes power when necessary’ (het Parool).

1. One o'clock 02:00
2. Lucky 06:21
3. Misterioso 06:42
4. Unspoken 04:21
5. Crab Canon 04:53
6. Three o'clock 02:01
7. Re havi 03:21
8. La ter There Will Be Cake 05:04
9. Tear (as in wear) 06:05
10.Compliments 05:01
11.Little Rootie Tootie 02:5612.
12.Six o'clock 01:46

Sunna Gunnlaugs - piano
Maarten Ornstein - bass clarinet