Wednesday, January 6, 2016

George Colligan & Theoretical Planets - Risky Notion (2015)

“4-STARS ...Colligan's drumming is as joyful as his music is enthralling.” 


A wildly inventive, dynamic and ubiquitous pianist for the last two decades, George Colligan certainly needs no introduction in that role. But with his Portland-based band Theoretical Planets, Colligan displays an alternate yet equally effective side as he leads his chord-less, two saxophone quartet from behind the drums. With Colligan's long hours spent on the bandstand with a multitude of the world's premier drummers (he currently tours with Jack DeJohnette and Lenny White), their influences are apparent, but his powerful and distinctive musical vision always prevails.

George Colligan - drums 
Nicole Glover - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone 
Joe Manis - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone 
Jon Lakey - bass 
Tony Glausi - trumpet (3,4.5)

01. Gorgasaurus 5:01 
02. Constantly Breaking My Heart 7:30 
03. Harmawhatics? 6:48 
04. Con Woman 8:15 
05. Impromptu Ballad 3:56 
06. Risky Notion 6:00 
07. Space Gives You Time 6:49 
08. Transparent 6:04 
09. Phantom Friend 4:57 
10. Losing Our Way 5:19