Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chico Freeman 4-tet - Spoken Into Existence (2015)

Label: Rens Newland / Jive Music Austria
Source: Cdbaby 

Jive Music Austria is honored to present the third album in a row of the great Chico Freeman! He’s a legend, but is at the same time not laying back and resting on the
laurels of his history. Far from it: He’s always on the move, making new projects with new and interesting musicians and with the newest recording tools and technics as well! For this CD he brought some of the finest musicians together that work and live in Europe; with them he can also tour Europe more easily, without so much time lost on long overseas flights. These guys each are splendid on
their instruments and well known with their groups and projects, together they are tight and sound as a unit with Mr. Freeman as the crown jewel on this royal swingin’ and groovin’ group! The repertoire is mainly original pieces of Chico’s and some of the other members
of the quartet. The cd is completed with
some special versions of great and special standards like “Seven Steps to Heaven”
and “Soft Pedal Blues”. The Bandleader is also very proud to present an anthology of songs, each dedicated to, and inspired by
his daughters: Erika, Luani, N’tiana, Nia and Lara! These songs are very special and with the others that are composed and played with warm-hearted sensitivity you feel the positive, expressive power of this unique artist!

01.Seven Steps to Heaven
02.Free Man
03.India Blue
04.Black Inside
05.Dance of Light for Luani
06.Nia’s Quest
07.N’tiana’s Dream
08.Lara’s Lullaby
09.Erika’s Reverie
10.Soft Pedal Blues
12.The Crossing
13.Ballad for Hakima

Chico Freeman - saxophones
Antonio Faraò - piano
Heiri Känzig - bass
Michael Baker - drums