miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Jimmy Raney - A (2015)

Jimmy Raney leads two separate groups on this OJC reissue CD, both recorded during the mid-'50s. The first session finds the leader experimenting with overdubbing a second guitar line over his introduction and closing during all four pieces, including the very exciting "Minor" (which is based on the chord changes to "Bernie's Tune"), "Double Image" (inspired by "There Will Never be Another You"), plus some wild improvised counterpoint between Raney and pianist Hall Overton in "On the Square" and an intricate rendition of the ballad "Some Other Spring." John Wilson is added on trumpet for the second and third studio dates, which primarily consist of standards. The briskly swinging "Spring Is Here," a softly played "What's New," and a very delicate "You Don't Know What Love Is" are highlights. Raney's originals include "One More for the Mode," an enjoyable reworking of a Bach two-part invention, and "Tomorrow, Fairly Cloudy," a blazing bop number which is the high point of the latter date. This CD contains some of Jimmy Raney's finest work as a leader and is highly recommended.

01. Minor (Jimmy Raney)
02. Some Other Spring (Arthur Herzog, Jr. / Irene Kitchings)
03. Double Image (Jimmy Raney)
04. On the Square (Jimmy Raney)
05. Spring Is Here (Lorenz Hart / Richard Rodgers)
06. One More for the Mode (Jimmy Raney)
07. What's New? (Johnny Burke / Bob Haggart)
08. Tomorrow Fairly Clowdy (Jimmy Raney)
09. A Foggy Day (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin)
10. Someone to Watch over Me (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin)
11. Cross Your Heart (Buddy DeSylva / Lewis Gensler)
12. You Don't Know What Love Is (Gene DePaul / Don Raye)


John Petrucelli Quintet - The Way (2015) 2 CD

If you listen to any amount of modern sax players, you know that almost every one has been imbibing from the wells of John Coltrane. If not him, then a few old school guys go back to pre-Trane to Rollins, Young or Ben Webster. The one tenor saxist from the past that few people count as an influence is West Coast-Cool School visionary Warne Marsh, who was best known for his association with Lennie Tristano, but carved out his own niche with a unique, distinct and still swinging style that is rarely taken up by sax artists.

Until this guy John Petrucelli came along. He’s got a muscular sound on the horn, and has enthusiastically taken up the serpentine style of soloing patented by Marsh. On this double cd, he teams up with Peter Park/g,Victor Gould/p, Alex Claffy/b, Gusten Rudolph/d and for a few tracks drumming legend Victor Lewis shows up for some extra octane. Petrucelli shows his muscle on the charging read of “I Hear A Rhapsody” and glows like a sunset on the red skied “Early Autumn” with Lewis. Lewis adds some exciting sounds on “The Flip” as well, while the regular rhythm team shuffles along with Park as the sparks fly on “Prism.” The dramatic “Moment of Grace” is a highlight, with Gould dancing with Claffy underneath the hard hitting tenor, while things get fun for Park and Petrucelli on “Gallop’s Gallop.” This whole team sounds confident, macho and enthused. They get you excited with their excitement!

Disc 1

I Hear A Rhapsody
Hil's Blues
The Flip
For Dawn
The Way

Disc 2

Moment Of Grace
Gallop's Gallop
Early Autumn
Arrows Of Longing

John Petrucelli: tenor saxophone
Peter Park: guitar
Victor Gould: piano
Alex Claffy: bass
Gusten Rudolph: drums

Victor Lewis: drums (Disc 1: 4, 6; Disc 2: 3)